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Through our team of experienced and high-performing telecommunications and business professionals, we provide service in design and implement the following OSS/BSS Solutions:
1.     Converged Mediation Solution
2.     Service Provisioning and Service Fulfillment solution
3.     Inter-operator Administration and Accounting solution (Inter Connect Billing Solution)
4.     Convergent Retail Billing Solution.

Cheaper services for list of most important features and functionalities but not limited to the following:

» Rating & Billing: This involves rating the products or services usage and producing monthly bills.

» Payment processing: This involves posting of the customer payments to customer's account.

» Credit control and collections: This involves chasing the outstanding payments and taking appropriate actions to get the payments.

» Disputes and adjustments: This involves, recording any customer disputes against their bills and creating adjustments to refund the disputed amount in order to settle the disputes.

» Pre-pay and post pay services: This involves supporting both pre-paid and post-paid customer base.

» Multilingual & multiple currencies: Multilingual and multiple currencies support is required if the business is spread across glob and have multinational customers or if the government regulations demand for it

» Inter-carrier settlements: This involves sharing of revenue between carriers that provide services to each other's customers.

» Products & services: This involves providing flexible way to maintain various products and services, and sell them individually or in packages.

» Discount applications: his involves defining various discount schemes in order to reduce customer churn and attract and increase customer base.

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